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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 8, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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... ♪ live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning 4:00 a.m. as the time these pictures and india as president barack obama at our lives this morning he will be speaking before lawmakers their in india's parliament will carry some comments live here is the pageantry as the president of the united states bases way into the main building there. are a lot of protocol this morning for the arrival of the president will bring his comments live when he steps to the podium. in the meantime following are
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forecast in the bay area. i live look at the golden gate bridge good morning louisa. >> good morning james. drier forecast today, golden gate bridge is free of rain a will stay that way for much of the day today. pfizer pretty cool, continued cold overnight temperatures. we do have a chance of rain in the veterans again to our details of that in just a few minutes. 53 san francisco 57 file. the low 40 santa rosa. upper 40's red city breaking into their fifties from mountain view, san as a. 10:00 we could still hold on to the '50s. slow to warm today. by about noon some sixties in the picture, afternoon highs tapping out in the '50s, '60s. we'll be lucky to
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break into the low 60s today, as a head back to 8:00 back down into the '40's and '50's. overall chilly day. action has struggling to get out of the '50s. 61 fairfield. most locations around the bay are in the '50s and '60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. slight chance of showers tomorrow looks like to marty evening into here wednesday as well. by the end of the week that is all mr. warming up a good 10 degrees your sow there's a, friday lots of sunshine continuing to warm and next weekend. arafat. >> quiet start for monday morning commute, nice, easy conditions of the bay bridge just a couple of cars headed
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westbound no signs of money overnight construction leader and light still off injuring eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze as you make your way to fremont. san mateo, looks good. lots of space to drinkers had westbound traffic on the left-hand side going into hayward, your trip is clocking in about 13 minutes novak about the toll plaza golden gate nice, easy conditions not a lot of cars southbound is san francisco novato and the city limits 23 minutes. >> the constant rain of the weekend caused a number proms around the bay area kron4 is maureen kelly shows the trouble the writers mr. strand around. >> san francisco police officers ridi warning writers
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about a treaty that blocked all lanes of western key serb drive. all of this wet weather saturating the soil is believed to be the cause between his country approving. it is a second down tree on this rainy sunday and on those drivers prefer it this time it was a close call for crews inside a city ambulance. >> read it before the true cross i heard some crops and sounds. we were lucky than knowing got hurt. >> all wet roads made it toro full board drivers. here in oakland you can see another this run on coliseum way this one is so big it's coming up over the sidewalk making it tough on prescience to. you can see caltrans crews are trying to
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fix the problem. they used this backdoor a giant vacuum to the unemployed the train and get the water moving once again in may made driving difficult and tractors. richard looking at here is one of the many accidents as here's a high wind advisory which is also an effect for drivers on the san mateo and benicia warning drivers that they need to worry about elaine and the wind when crossing those bands. >> and another developing story a richmond woman who allegedly bought abandon her child were behind a housing complex is scheduled to be arraigned today. here's a picture of the boy he schedulehe is in protective cusy she said she left the boy because she did not think she was a kid to be a mother
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she could face child endangerment charges. santa cruz police have released a picture of a man attempted to sexual assault to 15 year-old girl in a park. the attackers a white male 27-33 years old facial hair sunken cheeks and the dark circles. 5 ft. 9 in. tall, hundreds of dupont's the suspect was wearing a dark jacket high and was seen leaving the park in detail green prison goal was scored. oakland, police are investigating five shootings that killed three people. we put red dots that each of the locations in question one shooting killed a teenage boy and a young man saturday afternoon in the 1000 rock of eight street. friday night when a man was killed in east oakland and two others injured at the 600 block. all officers are also
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proceeding two other shootings in neighborhoods along interstate 980. gone on record just for 47 on saturday. another one in a 500 block of 25 street just after midnight sunday. the victim and that sharing is in stable condition and yet another actress archer 6:00 p.m. saturday in the 2000 block of international role ride the shooting victim is in critical condition. none of the victims have been identified at this point. and besides the media. president barack obama is making a major address to indian lawmakers you see him there being introduced, and as soon as he begins talking we will take his comments live. review will try and take a quick break between on them. will we back with more here on a kron4 morning news and a couple of minutes.
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and marriott, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. to the end of the cold one, 60 degrees is enormous and yet, 50 around the bay. we're in the 30's for the lows. i should correct that, '60s is for your average high, fifties will be how to help chile will be along the coast and the big inland spots down into the upper thirties. tuesday, wednesday evening rain, preconditions, clouds here and there. warms up nice thursday, friday temperatures on the rebound. a more complete like your forecasts coming up. right now president barack obama is for very to begin a major address to the main assembly of india. he's on the 10 day trip to asia one of his stops is here. if shearson dignitaries' introducing the president to listen in now?
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yes. >> of the tortoise and social interests, we are geographically remote from each other but face similar threats and challenges and have to be sensitive to each other's concerns and critical interests. azariah rental lockers days we cherish the right to disagree leaving a friend or pro our endeavor for the common good. we're confident the jury present would bring our two people closer, help make a world order free from the stream is some intolerance, in justin' justice. (applause)d
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to the pursuit of new humanism and technological innovation in the service of human kind. by now pam wright distinguished guests to address the gum surgery. gallery. (applause) (applause) >> mr. vice-president, madam speaker, mr. prime minister, members of of bracket speaking different language bracket and most of all the people of india. i
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think you for the great honor of representing thi'd thar allowing me to address you. i bring the greetings, french of the world's oldest democracy, the united states of america. including, nearly 3 million proud unpatriotic indian americans.and patriotic indian americans. (applause) over last three days we have istria's the bureau and that india is on from the majesty of the tombs to the advanced technologies that are drawing farmers and women were the backbone of indian society. from the celebrations for
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schoolchildren to the innovators who are feeling the economic rise. some university students who will chart in his future to you, leaders to halt to bring india to this moment of extraordinary promise. area every stop we have been welcomed with the hospitality from which indian summer is unknown. so, to you, then the people of india, offered me, michelle, the american people please accept my deepest thank you. (applause) (speaking indian) (applause) >> i am not the first american president to visit india know what our view the
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lastnor will i be the last. i'm car to visit surly. it is no coincidence that india is my first stop. this has been mild august visit to another country since becoming president. (applause) or fall in asia and around the world india is not simply a merger and your house or merged. and it is my firm belief of the relationship between the united states and india bond buyer of shared interests, and by his will be one of the some buying partnerships of the 20% this centur 21st century. my
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confidence in your future is grounded in my respect for the church across. a civilization that has been shaping the world for thousands of years. indians on law of the intricacies of the human body and the boss is a very onerous. there's no exaggeration to say their formation age is rooted in india and innovations including numbers. for india, (applause) of course in the anatomy of a ermines she expanded our moral imagination. with religious sects that still summon the fits all to lives of dignity and discipline with poets for much of the future with a mind that is their fear and the head is held by. (applausehigh. (applause) and te
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father of your nation must not dandy.(speaking indian) (applause) for me and michelle this is it has settled special meaning throughout my life i have always found in formation in life from the simple a profound lesson to be the change we seek in the world. (applause) and just as he summoned indians two-seat there just may he influence champions are quality my own country including a young preacher. archer making this program is to india of century ago dr. king called gandhi's philosophy the
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only logical and moral approach and the struggle for justice and progress. (applause) so we were honored to visit the residence that they stayed. and we were humbled to pay our respects. i am mindful that i might not be sitting before you today as president of the united states if it had not been for the message that on the shared an expireand inspired. (applause) >a fundamental faith in human progress this is a
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sturdy foundation upon which to build when the tricolor was raised despite the skepticism is said his country was to court to rest instead of slipping into serrations you launch a revolution as a becoming dependent you invested in science and technology your area's resources the indian people. and the world sees the results of the supercomputer's you go out to the indian flag from a month. as the resisting the global economy you became one of its engines. reforming the license mirage, unlacing payroll but
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as listed tens of millions of people from priority. crated one of four worlds largest mobile losses. instead of succumbing to division you are shown that the strength of india the very idea of india is a series of all colors. all cults (applause) is the diversiy in this chamber today, it is the richness of a celebrated by a visit to my hometown of a struggle over a century ago. speakin (speaking indian) he said that they're not the exclusive selections of many church in the world and said
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the being lured by the false notion that progress must come at the expense of freedom you build the institutions upon which. an independent judiciary and the rule of law that allows people to address their grain as an of flooding the free press. that has allowed a route for is to be heard. this year as india marks 60 years or as a strong democratic constitution india has succeeded not in spite but because of democracy. (applause) just
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as india has changed surtout has the relationship between our two nations. in the decades after independence in the advanced is interest as a proud leleader. too often the united states takes it upon ourselves to north and subdivide a strange prolonged cold war. those days are over. here in india to successive governments led by different parties have recognized the deeper partnership with america is natural and necessary. in the united states both of my predecessors one a democrat won are republicans worked to bring us closer leading to increased trade and landmark nuclear agreement. (applause) so, since the time people on both their
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countries have roused what is next? help to rebuild on this progress. and realize the full potential of our project? that is where one addressed to date the future that the an estate such seats in an interconnected world and why i believe that india is indispensable to this vision how we can forge a truly global partnership not just an 12 area's across many. and not just our mutual benefit and but for the benefit of the world. of course on the indians can determine india's national interests and how to advance them on the world stage. but i stand before you today because i'm convinced that the interested in that state's and the interest we share our best addressed in partnership. i believe that.
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(applause) the united states seek security the security of our country our allies and partners. we seek prosperity. strong, growing economy and open international economic system we seek respect for universal values had we seeking a just and sustainable international order with peace and security. now to advance his interests i've committed the united states to comprehensive engagement with the world based on mutual interest and respect. ed is central color of disengagement is forging deeper cooperation with the 21st senators and that must include india. (applause)
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india is not the only emerging power in the world. but relationship between our countries is unique. for we are too strong to marcy's. >> we have to keep take a quick break, you're looking at live pictures of president barack obama we will continue to monitor his comments and bring them to you throughout the morning. we will be back.
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andrea back, bridge checked
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beginning with the bay bridge, was found 80. head lettuce head to the toll plaza without any problem. no issue are spent. sematech is a good ride, taillights on the right-hand side from hayward to foster city looking good. utah lost a string of cars, golden gate your ride in from our and honey is nice, light. not a lot of traffic is to make your way from nevada town into sooner fell incidents as good. other headlines, 32 states have car money from the federal government to play for an aunemployment trends. california brought the biggest trunk. $8.6 billion after barring for the last year-and-a-half. the first year will come next summer. a hundred and $62 million. a quick check
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on market headlines, stock futures are down slightly after ending last week on a positive note. no major reports due today investors are taking a breather coming up this week corporate earnings continues with macy's and cisco on thursday leaders of the world's major economy will start in today's summit they're expected to discuss recent turns and other economic challenges. this is in, chrysler is saying it has narrowed its losses by 51% to $84 million mainly due to strong sales. the automaker says this is the third quarter in a row and it is therefore raising its forecast. there was or up. we'll take a quick break, back of the headlines in a moment.
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and v m batts, a quick look for maariv camera we can actually see the building layouts peaking in the distance, visibility is good, and it imuch colder than e were yesterday. bay bridge approach, 53 degrees, and getting up to 57 high- temperature not of the '50s and san francisco topping at around 59. ulster this morning still really cool and santa rosa. 40 degrees and napa, 49 hayward, 51 antioch, 50 fremont and san jose. this is how much colder temperatures are than they were 24 hours ago 11 degrees and novato, 17 santa
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rosa. all boat line for redwood city, as it headed to the afternoon another cold day. temperatures topping out into the upper fifties. those are about the warm response you will get tons this update 64 san jose or 50s mountain view. next cantering moves in the latter part of tuesday. tomorrow it looks like we could pick up of two circles of the north bay. most locations could pick a sprinkler to an sec by light shade of green and looks to be a much weaker system them what we saw it yesterday. the shares could linger over tto drop. a bit of a change as we head towards the end of the week. lots of
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sunshine erica >> tracking a strong when it buys a on the victory bridge. you can see just a few cars coming in headed west and into the city no overnight construction the metering lights still struggle off. here red from the bridge data the macarthur maze 7 minutes. san mateo, looking good, here is a live look you can see this daylight had responded to foster city, no promise reporting either direction across the span still not seeing any back at the top plaza 13 minutes from 1 01. so quiet at the
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golden gate, just a couple of cars on the stand. this the e pass golden gate down to announce their efforts as go 15 minutes. james. >> thank you, look it is a 60 ft. tall tree came crashing down about 2:00 yesterday afternoon blocking all lanes of westbound keys are drive and martin luther king. all that wet weather such treated the solo.saturateda close call for a crew inside an ambulance. banal as hurt. president barack obama is making a major address to indian lawmakers. there he is at the podium, we heard from him earlier this
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morning he is mainly talking about the ties between the u.s. and india on a number of different levels economic and military will continue to monitor his comments. also just in, former president gore on george bush's dick cheney angrily confronted him over bush's decision not to part in an aid over his role on the link identity. which made the statement that aired on morning talk shows in the genie was angry he said he worried the incident will fracture his friend george but " i am pleased report we're friends again today these comments come my hand of his remorse. is it richmond woman who allegedly been hurt data is in san paulo and scheduled
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to be arraigned today. here's a picture of that boy he is in protective sservices he was abandoned she got into a taxi and your cross she said to let the boy because she did not insurers would to your mother she could face trouble endangerment charges that boy appears to be in good health. santa cruz police have released a m a sketch of a man who attempted to attack a 15 year-old girl. he has facial hair, sunken cheeks, dark circles white male 5 ft. 9 in. tall hundred 50 lbs.. the suspect is wearing a dark jacket is brought seen leaving on the teal green fruit scott. five see
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shootings killed three people. here are red dots indicating where these incidents includoccurred. on friday night and one man was shot in east oakland to injured. and this brought to a program or officers are also investigating to others shootings in neighborhoods along interstate 9801 and 650, the victim there is in stable condition the other at the 500 block of 25th street just after midnight saturday. and yet one last shooting just after 6:00 p.m. on saturday in the 2000 block of international boulevard the shooting their in critical condition multiple gunshot wounds. none of the victims have been identified by police.
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johannes mehserle could be at a jail in six or seven months. oscar grid supporters say the writers were not part of their rally, a hundred and 52 were arrested, charges will come after investigators refer orders and videos of that night. now that the current case is over the u.s. department of justice is beginning to launch its own investigation looking and johannes mehserle weather not violated his civil rights. the case is far from over kron4 stalling talks to the family about what is next. >> allston grant family says the judge is set against johannes mehserle to two years in prison it's a critical mistakes. they're trying to see legal options are available so the criminal case might not be oval. the department of
4:38 am
justice has decided to rest today whether not his civil- rights work best violated. they believed he was the instigator that made the scene so cut the audit. speech he was the one that caused everything secure runway at a control police officer heat created the hostile environment using racial habitats. aside from johannes mehserle bart is also facing trouble she fears of a wrongful death civil lawsuit against burt. grants friends are also suing bart for excessive force. pay savers as a federal judge will hear those two cases next may the family believes the legal battle has a long way to go. speaking loss of life of
4:39 am
such an outrageous fashion one should not rest until full justice and has been served. >> as an upcoming civil case unfolding cut state since kron4 you can also find video and reaction in the aftermath of will agree to take a quick break as we go we will rejoice and live pictures of india this morning where president barack obama is addressing lawmakers and talking about how to strengthen ties between the two countries going forward. we'll be right back.
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and nearby, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today is going to be of that 60 degrees on average throughout the day, calling it into the evening hours that is when you really see the difference, local will
4:41 am
be along the coast. but the inland was getting down to the thirties to moscow, near 34 we're perching freezing perella locations it will suddenly be chilly. tweet your chance of evening rain tuesday it may be more wednesday. then look at the end of the weekend thursday, friday, saturday, sunday warming up in will be fairly nice. we're also falling live pictures this morning at of india. just in the prison has been addressing lawmakers talk about how to strengthen ties must take a quick lesson in. >> biggest such gross violations of your list is the responsibility of the international community especially leaders like the united states and india to condemn it. the device can be frank in international sport india's often shied away from these issues. but
4:42 am
speaking up for those who cannot do so for themselves is not interfering in the affairs of other countries is not violating their rights of sovereign nations in this thing true to our democratic principles. it is giving meaning to the human rights there with their universal. >> the president is addressing lawmakers in india talking as you just heard him about strength in the size of democracy between that country and ours we will continue listening throughout the morning other hot lines, police how arrested in a teenager on suspicion of stealing computers from a school. a 18 year-old pilot worker was allegedly seen running with another suspect away from a portrait elementary early saturday morning he was arrested shortly after being chased by fleas police recovered to dell computers and a monitor police have not arrested a second suspect yet. one of
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two men hurt by a small plane crashing into sonoma car parked near record remains hospitalized series prices stable condition the man was a passenger in a single-engine plane that crashed u.s. treated and released. today marks the start caltrans toy drive. they're asking for new unwrapped toys, they will work with the salvation army and toys for tots to distribute toys in thosn need. is his courage and oakland could not have come at a worse time for raiders fans. the stadium sold out yesterday which means the game was not black doubt it was available on tv however
4:44 am
hundreds of households could not see it because of the outage. they missed out, it was quite a game back and forth they fought than ever over time you see that catch, they'll the field goals to win the game final score 23 to 20 incredible effort bright the raiders. they won three straight games finally some respect. we'll take your break, back with more headlines in a moment. as it your quick congratulations to the lady bugs who won the delta used the soccer league they had a fantastic year winning all but one game congratulations and girls. you did great. and as in the interest of full sisters are i am a proud parent of one of the girls on the team. sorry folks i had to do. we'll be
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right back.
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a soggy day in the bay area but the rain did not talk about the sounds at the veterans day parade. the parade marched on even as the dress came down even a handful of people out there to waive it triggers the story weather brought snow to the syrup. take a look at this video last night you did see cars, trees coded in snow just-in-time for ski season. some of the skis or open at the end of the month. so this our system is brain a lot of the white powder to the slopes we will see if any worse on the way. >> the 19th that's when the first one opens. i am getting ready. (laughter) it is pretty cold in san jose,
4:47 am
much colder this morning quite a bit colder them where right this time yesterday as we head into the afternoon struggling to get to the '50s. 54 mountain view, 40 sphericity also upington napa 43 for santa rosa 47 fairfield as we did today slow to warm temperatures still in the '50s then, about new and all of this is in the '50s and '60s relay cold afternoon. cooling down of the 40's and 50's by in the clock. this is quite a bit different than the last two days. napa up 58 degrees, 61 of fairfield, 60 livermore, same around the bay. upper 50s low 60s. 60 san jose,
4:48 am
livermore, hayward and fremont. from 6:00 a few sprinkles up to standards, petaluma. 10:00, he might stand a chance for some showers of this light shaded green indicates some light rain that there it will not be anything like what we saw yesterday picking up a few sprinkles overnight. could even lungren here wednesday most should stay dry. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. slight warming is to come towards the end of the week to thursday, friday lots were sunshine warming it up into the '70s continued normal as we head toward saturday, sunday we could be in the upper '70's. at least there's some hope for some nice weather. let's go ahead and check with erik. >> thank you, and no problems to report a looks like we're pretty much good to grow slowly building at the bay bridge. a couple of
4:49 am
more cars on the road that we saw on our last report very easy conditions as you make your way to the bay gates. the meeting led still cycle of we're dry just eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. no problems to report of the san mateo 92 in both directions looking pretty good still quiet at the golden gate, just a couple cars within camera shot headed in the commute direction i just checked through sensors no problems during townie. richard riley 37 over 580 to these bay is in a miniature. kron son san francisco is moving pretty well looks like this camera may be freezing does little good still very easy conditions as you make your way. you're right from the 1 01 is about a 16 minute trip. james.
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>> thank you, qantas as they found oil leaks and three engines. the finding comes our duron engine exploded on one of its plans last week. we have pictures of that plane that made an emergency landing this is some of the degree their votes to the ground in singapore. people are stranded in an hour airport thousands of miles away from home that is the reality as qantas airlines grounds their fleet and the shares as far out there offering a delay of people in the u.s.. >> the future of the air lanes he read about 83 edie's is still up in the air as the planes are grounded telly's wednesday three of the austrian airlines six super jumbo jets said on the runway or of bushels investigate engine problems.
4:51 am
>> we have removed the three engines from the aircraft for further testing. >> dozens of passengers were crowded around the world frustrated but say they would rather be safe than endangered in the sky. speed is a problem. it's better than flying off was something wrong with the plane is in it. i would much rather sit around and wait. better safe than sorry. >> if we need to be here for another night it's ok. >> their patience is understandable after thursday's scare one part of the engine ripped off a jet bound from singapore to run straight causing the pilot to make emergency landing. safety is the number-one concern according to the ceo. >> we will not operate until we read hundred% short to ensure the safety of our operations kron4. going forward
4:52 am
>> the airline is adding flights from london and los angeles to help clear the backlog. the index doesn't investigators looking into the causes of the massacre was well made lay out their initial findings of the tuesday hearing gets underway representatives on the three companies will also be on hand made it generate deadline to report the findings to president barack obama outlining what caused the disaster at one needs to be done. speaking of the president, president of, are wrapping up their first leg of a 10 day trip to asia they were in india yesterday great the president announced a $10 million trade plan the president still plans to visit indonesia to draw despite instructions from mount broglie. some allies
4:53 am
have canceled flights because of ash spewed the president is speaking in new delhi. hundreds of protesters held a noisy but peaceful presence. one member is rushing for the creation says the president's policy is in their different from that of former president george bush. several bird rescue ordinations are keeping an eye on siegel's after they have been seen with a beer can stick around the necks as many as far as five have been spotted since timber they have seen from the beach half moon bay now those organizations are trying to raise enough money to buy a piece of equipment to help capture of those words. they want to remove your gains and helped release those birds. >> i was lucky enough to
4:54 am
find a scholar and an area near the state university and a first i thought it could be an impossible task to find this bird among the hundreds but what about dreiser beer cans around his neck he stood out from the rest. i approach the bird to get a better shot i'm just a few feet right from abroad can around his neck that is a right there. of about 12 ft. away from the spurred other birds have flown away and i don't know of this duron has left it is going for broke or because it can fly. all wildlife organization called wild rescuers tried to freeze funds to purchase in that launcher they're asking the public's not trying cuts the risk is if you're innocent the bird refrained and make an eventual cash and less likely. the fact that he was not frightened is provo with the reason he was able to get a can of his neck as you can see why all birds are flocking around this man
4:55 am
kedging the bird in the first heisman not in that part as for this call you can see how tight the guinness wildlife experts say the can caller is an incredible and it could kill the bird. and in case you're wondering yes this purchase 05. san resister, and dave guingona, kron4 news. >> we will take another break, be back with more have lines in a moment. just a you know robert downey jr. is on of hot streak making more than two and a million he continued to set with the road trip monday comedy will find out more in our box office report. we'll tell you more about it coming up. a live look for maariv camera we will we back.from r re will be right back.
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and we have back, the first phase finisher mega mind
4:57 am
welfare, it in a fake, 48 billion debuting at second due date that song was robert downey jr. all fantastic cast road trip basically is the theme of the movie tickets and $34 million i heard one person say they're like a love and laugh out loud moments. colored girls janet jackson and whoopi goldberg's during that phone and abroad and # $20 million in new york one of the miners trapped for nearly 70 days tran the thousands of runners for the marathon you see him there he took his first trip by the chilly to run in the marathon he was known as the runner by his mind joe minors. one of the reasons he wanted to run the marathon was to mount a
4:58 am
great young judson and teens because running makes you free. we'll be back with more headlines than just a moment.
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and we're back, a live look farmers document is called up there that is the weather had line this morning there will be even colder tomorrow. louisa. >> cold start the day but at least it is dry, no more rain sitting over the golden gate bridge your drive shouldn't be as cold as yesterday. afternoon castro looks even better the '50s, cold overnight temperatures as well, the chance of some showers kicking in to mark. turn tablatures 53 san francisco, called up in santa rosa. 40 napa, 49
5:01 am
redwood city. check your how much colder it is that it was 24 hours ago 17 degrees colder in santa rosa. about 11 degree drop in temperatures from novato. as the head into the afternoon temperatures will top one into the upper 50s and places like santa rosa. the rotor. 61 fairfield. ritter around the bay temperatures sticking in the upper 50s low 60s not getting much warmer. slate chance of showers tomorrow. green a few raindrops and your try 6:00 10:00 everyone stands a chance of some light showers and psychic could even continue over and your next day as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. i. after the
5:02 am
next couple of days cool temperatures, lots of cloud cover even some rain a little bit breezy on wednesday thursday, friday start to warm up and then walk into the upper 70's. >> thank you, for those of you is heading up the door of their roadways and require rain now we do are a high wind advisory issued from the benicia bridge. other and not looking dead, live look at the bay bridge you can see very easy traffic coming from all bridges had it was bound commuter lines of, no signs overnight construction along the upper deck giving you that very good driver time out just a minute from the for the macarthur maze as your perch fremont said and his group from all is well at the cemetery ridge easy ride in to prop foster city or hayward, taillights lots of space as you make your way into foster city their
5:03 am
bombs on either end of this man no backup at the trough plaza tracking 14-to 15 minutes. looking at the golden gate, a crumpled cars headed southbound no proms long span whatsoever, checked road sensors green drummer in county your ride coming down from san francisco 23 minutes. james. >> thank you some really great pictures to show you here, this was a tree that went down instead from cisco 64 drawl treat you can blame it on the rain. all lanes at martin luther king drive were close. the wet weather is saturated the soil and that's believed to be the cause for the tree falling. >> right before the tree collapse the herd from cracking sounds and they just missed them by few seconds. you're lucky that
5:04 am
no one got hurt. >> that rain is made difficult and treacherous for bay area freeways, they were clocked, that for some drivers to spin out, minor accidents reported to get the bay area. of course it turned to snow and the higher elevations, here we see snowplows ending their high elevations. heavy, wet snow just well for don r. summit meeting tricky conditions for drivers but for locals this note was a welcome sight. take a listen. >> this is the first rung where does start to the board could, we're not really dress like it's a very weather. >> this planet warm enough of a heater in the truck. >> on this not be the snow is coming out to get a lot more. higher elevations of
5:05 am
this era could see as much as 2 ft. of new snow and as louisa said there's more rain on the way. in oakland pg&e is working to restore power to thousands of customers or than 21,000 residents lost power mostly in piedmont. the folks in that area sought power of bridge pg&e has not said if it's weather-related or not we will like to know. >> developing story come johannes mehserle could be added jail six-seven months ascends handed down friday. that night dozens of people cause minor to certain princes in the streets. supporters of oscar brand say they were not part of their rally. a hundred and 52 of these writers werwriters
5:06 am
grant said family plans to ask the column in the county district attorney to see what legal options are available they also want federal investigators to include tony peroni in that race. he was an instigator the made the scene so chaotic leading to grants death. >> he is one who caused it to occur or run away under control police officer, he created a hostile environment using racial habitats. >> bart is also facing some trouble ahead oscar grandmother filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit against are seeking millions of dollars grant runs to witness the killing are suing for excessive force. there with your those cases next may. the upcoming civil case unfolding court
5:07 am
statement to kron4 will of much more as the story develops to also find the video and asked the sentencing on our website at meanwhile, we're falling into the weekend in oakland, these are investigating a least five different shootings that killed three people we put together a map showing you with these red dots the location of the shootings one killed a teenage boy and the hangman's marty afternoon in the 1000 block. i suspect there took off in a vehicle. friday night one man was killed in east oakland to others injured at the 600 block on the serbs wanted park neighborhood. officers are also investigating two other shootings in neighborhoods along interstate 981 in the 650 block. just over 7:00 p.m. but let the victim in civil condition and another in the 500 block midnight sunday the victim is considered to be in stable condition and then another
5:08 am
shooting 6:00 p.m. saturday at the two dozen block of international boulevard the shootings there are in critical condition multiple gunshot wounds none of the victims' identities have been released. the woman who allegedly abandoned church other behind housing complex is scheduled to be arraigned today. this is a picture of the mother, the suspect, also pictures of the little boy is believed 18-3 months you months-3 years old. our understanding and she got into a taxi car and drove off she did so because she says she was unfit to be a mother. the boy appears being good help. santa cruz police have released a sketch of a man who attempted to sexual assault 815 year-old girl and a park. the incident happened
5:09 am
saturday morning he's described as a white male 27-30 years old facial hair sunken cheeks, dark circles under his eyes. 5 ft. 9 in. tall hundred 50 lbs., the suspect was seen wearing a dark jacket, dark hat, seen leaving the park on the teal green cruz her bicycle. we will take a break, back with more than a minute. a shot from amount him camera you can see san francisco in the background the camera is moving around a bit. it is cold, more and your forecasts in just a bit. the black widow spider's severe bite
5:10 am
can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ]
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and we are back, the president avoided the question on whether not they it weakens the economy. the president said it was an inappropriate from comment on that action was aimed at
5:13 am
making those cheaper. the president did say today that the mandate was to grow the economy is not just for the u.s. but it will be good for barack was on hold. 32 states up our money to help pay for unemployment the barring totals more than $41 billion and california bar the biggest trunk. the stain dellums the fed's $8.6 billion after growing roster or not the first payment will come due next camera that first palo alto $362 million california's unemployment rate is 14.8%. the vacaville police have arrested a teenager on suspicion of stealing computers from school. he was seen running with the another suspect from orchard elementary school and got a vote early saturday morning. police chased him down,
5:14 am
recovered to dell computers and a monitor. they're still investigating the case. today marks the start of the holiday toy drive touching is asking folks to submit trees as part of their toys for tots program. they will help distribute that to the family's been even bring them under up troy's you can drop them off at the headquarters starting today through december 6th and takes the place of the holiday train which was canceled because of budget problems. the raiders we have to talk about them and for good reason they cell of their first game since their opener last season it was a big going kansas city in town for a showdown. let's go straight to the fourth charter. 24 seconds remaining. 29 pickup raiders did not have time to spare seven seconds against lines up 1 for 41 yds yes, that
5:15 am
would tie up with just three seconds left nailing it there than in overtime it was still the campbell and for joe, 47 yds for the pickup. the fans went crazy. and that was the raiders in prime position for the wind. then there was a 33 yd attempt and it is good the raiders or when the the third game in narrow 2320 the final score it was then just a half-game back in the standings. by 3:00 p.m., we have to take another break. 5 a.m. we have to take another break willie back in a moment. for everyone else is cold. that is where you'll notice when you have at the door. we will your back.
5:16 am
5:17 am
5:18 am
but the mass the kron 4
5:19 am
morning news, 5:18 a.m. a trash at this morning from san jose, it is cold up there temperatures much colder this morning that this time yesterday currently not getting into the 40's. by noon up to about 58, high-temperature only about 60 back down to the '50s where the across hour. calls for chile and santa rosa 40 degrees, 39 in napa, and along the coast temperatures into the 50s. 43 livermore 44 in do fairfield. pretty slow to warm even by about the tenenbaum are plenty of fifties is not really until about noon that will bring a few sixties highs today tapping in the '50s, '60s. even the '40's by 8:00. afternoon highs, 59 santa rosa, san francisco not much difference in the
5:20 am
temperature is pretty much anywhere you go looks like temperatures it will be in the low 60s or upper 50s. same goes for fremont, san jose. chance of showers in the picture countermarch, the best chance in the evening starting off picking up a few raindrops to the north bay bringing a few more widespread ones. look how light is green is batts halite the rain is expected nothing heavy nothing like we saw yesterday but this could continue into wednesday morning. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. you can see today is red cross of the dry days so rain moving into pitcher tuesday and wednesday drying up by the end of the workweek temperatures run up as well by the weekend we could write about. let's check in with america. >> from free ride as to what
5:21 am
side because of some downed power lines because of the rain outside because of yesterday as a result highway 84 is shutdown between highway 85 and the trawler. the road will be closed until 9:00 a.m. you may want to use highly-92. we will keep you updated is the time changes. another problem, we had a solo spent at 75101 rate to redwood city to lancer currently brought emergency crews are making their way to the scene the only good news is no back up yet. other than that bay area traffic looks good. a live look at the bay bridge no problems coming from all approaches for the westbound ride as you make your way into san francisco meeting i'd still shut off. san mateo bridge of no, is to report, both directions look good. still lots of space between cars you see the camera shaking around just a bit but it still is
5:22 am
ahead westbound in two foster city without delays. teams. >> take a look of these pictures of the skiing up in the higher elevations this is from heavenly ski resort in late tahoe last night. you can see it was covered in snow obviously the environment is getting a crime for skiers the reserves will be opened in less than two weeks. as you know a few every open up. more on the weather and the effects coming out. >>up. we will take a quick rate, but with more headlines in just a minute. a quick look this morning we will check on your right here i believe actually will take a live look of a comeback. your back.when we com
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
in vietnam, the president is in asia republicain the rear ban
5:26 am
the battle over health care. >> fresh off their midterm election games they quickly set their sights on president barack obama as health-care reform enacted in a lot earlier this year. >> i think it is one of the worst pieces of legislation passed he is among several republicans are vying drastic changes and all were scrubbing up altogether. >> republicans have maintained the reforms are being financed by money the company does not have. still they concede it is an uphill bader with the president holding vero r. >> it will be difficult but i think we import afford now we're cars for the kind of common sense reforms that we abdicate to reduce spending we are to the american people to do that. >> jim car or so carolina is
5:27 am
not fazed accusing them of a spinning and nonstop roger the incorrect information. >> this meant a whole lot of money to misrepresent what the plan really is. >> he says the health care reforms will be with collation a long, long, long time. >> post-election fighting between rebels and government forces has sent a least 10,000 refugees against across the border. you can see them here streaming thai authorities are sheltering before the forget they held their first election against the ruling military in the united nations and united states have criticized the bolivia of those elections. the americans to amend the knox has been indicted a first lender for saying she was beaten by police when
5:28 am
questioned about her slaying of her roommate. here is video of knocks arriving to court her lawyer said she never meant to slander anyone she was just trying to defend herself she's serving a 26 your question term. we will take our break, more headline straight ahead. a live look as we go, this is a san mateo bridge, highway 92, traffic looks good. those of this tale is headed from
5:29 am
5:30 am
and we are back, pretty nice day a shot from mt. tam, for the most far we're looking at is cold temperatures much colder than it was
5:31 am
yesterday, it will be a cool day into the afternoon. temperatures are struggling out of the '50s, cold overnight temperatures as well. temperatures are still into the '30's in some spots, a chance of rain as we head into mark, here's a look at those temperatures this is where it is really cool in the napa valley, 34 degrees, 34 fairfield, 44 in livermore. 50 mountain view, it will be slow to warm to say so by 10:00 getting into the upper 50s, all of this screen shows us where we might see some pockets of '60s, topping it off a mixture of '50s, '60s back down to the 50's and '40's by the across our overall it would just be a chilly day. afternoon highs and santa rosa 59, 62
5:32 am
livermore same goes down to san jose address 60 degrees for fremont as well. slight chance of showers come tomorrow, starting off with a few sprinkles to the north bay. endicott, looks to be a bit more widespread but very light rain as you can see indicated by the light shade of green, as we head towards the early morning some leftover showers but for the most part spend the day drying out. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shares precondition through wednesday that mr. to warm up, drive out by the end of the workweek by the end of the weekend we're back inseverable these, let's get a checked and your commute. >> thank you, we are following a potential hot spot for your right into redwood city 75101 solos been out the winners are originally in the center divider. at first we did not see any back up as emergency crews were making their way to the scene just a little
5:33 am
bit of yellow as we approach minor delays just past the scene and looks like we're just waiting for terror track. much more information in my next report, traffic is so light, live look it 101 the headlights headed northbound this is right near austin nice, light traffic as you make your way up the peninsula into san francisco. still no proms at the bay bridge, meter and lights are cycle of, nice, easy conditions coming from all approaches. no problems to report along the upper deck curette in the foot of the macarthur maze to fremont 8-line manager. public transit, now comes to report, a string, bart, muni all running on time. james. >> johannes mehserle could be at a jail in six or seven months. the sentence was handed down on friday, that night dozens of people cause minor disturbances grant supporters say those writers were not part of their
5:34 am
organized rally. 152 people were arrested, the charges will come after investigators say they have just reviewed photos and video of the night's events. none of the criminal case is over the u.s. department of justice is beginning its own investigation looking at a other non johannes mehserle violated press civil rights. two lawsuits are filed against bart from grant's family. >> oscar grant's family attorney says the judge's sentence johannes mehserle made some critical mistakes. he plans to ask the district attorney to see what legal options are available so even if the kron case may not be over. aside from that case the department of justice has promised to investigate whether not he violated oscar grants civil rights. that federal investigation is about to get under way. his family
5:35 am
also want investigators to include former borough police officer tony peroni and that case. they believe peroni it was the instigator that made the scene so chaotic it led to grant's death. >> he was the one who caused all of the sticker, run away out of control police officer that night. he essentially created a hostile environment using a racial comments. >> bart is facing trouble ahead oscar grant's mother filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit against are seeking millions of dollars grants and friends who witnessed the killing of also suing bart for excessive force. as a federal judge will hear those two cases next may. the family believes the legal matter still has a long way to go. >> i kid loss of life in such an outrageous fashion one should not rest until furled justice has been served. >> and obviously with his
5:36 am
upcoming civil case stay tuned to for continuing coverage as this whole story continues to unfold you combine video and reaction in the aftermath on our website and again at meanwhile santa cruz police have released a sketch of a man who they say attempted to sexual assault a 15 year-old girl in a park. it happened saturday morning at ocean view park the attacker described as a white male 27-33 years old and facial hair, sunken cheeks, dark circles under his eyes stands 5 ft. 9 in. tall and weighs 150. the suspect was wearing a dark jacket, dark a spot, last seen leaving the park on a green bicycles. the list of decision 2010 city council has taken the lead in the race to be come oakland next mayor thinks to grant rights and voting. about 2000 votes ahead of presumed runner held a 11. reed after
5:37 am
tuesday's election but it was on her camp enough of the third freeze roads to climb above the majority least 51% to 49%, they will announce the results of this weekend's vote count and later this afternoon a new mayor will not be lamed intel later this week. los angeles district attorney has widened his lead over, harris coolies now up 46%. the lead in the attorney general's race has seesawed between the 2¢ auction night. worth considerably more than about million ballots remaining it is easily reversed again we ought to see. meanwhile it could cost $1 million to repair a 10 in. crack in the sacrack in the bridge it was discovered during a routine inspection in
5:38 am
october october 13th exactly been led to a four day closure on the right to work out that crack was being repaired the of a man of transportation installed a new steel plates you can see them putting it into place couch and still does not know what caused by cracked but they do say more work is possible. we'll take another break, much more straight ahead on the kron 4 morning news. another look for marcel's bay camera this one in san jose rape by the 10187 interchange and cold temperatures they're telling 10187 interchange and cold temperatures they're telling uthis is your captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff. looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes.
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5:42 am
temperature difference in our inland spots. fo come night an we are aback. other headlines, thousands of passengers were stranded after airlines were suspended of the qantas airlines. it is putting a damper on travel plans for people right here in california. >> the future of qantas airlines 838 are grounded in telly's wednesday. in last angeles 3 said on the runway where officials investigate the engine problems. >> police have been discovered in the turbine
5:43 am
area of three engines. we have removed them start testing. >> thousands of passengers are grounded they say they're frustrated but they would rather be safe on the ground as an endangered in the sky. it's better than flying up when something is wrong with the plane. i would much rather sit around and wait better safe than sorry. if we need to be bombed it's ok. >> their patience is understandable after thursday's scare when part of the engine ripped off and qantas jet. causing the pilot to make an emergency landing monday qantas is ceo said safety is the number one concern. we will not operate a fleet until your 100 percent sure that we can insure the operations are safe moving forward. >> weekend box office, and first ways make a mind the
5:44 am
cast includes or brad pitt welfare aretino fe and then debuting in second place the comedy due date. that is that robert downey jr. felt it took in nearly 34 million. rounding up the top three tyler carries a for colored girls starring janet jackson whoopi goldberg that earned about 20 million that's your top three, we will take a break. will the ridgeback here's the never looked as we go, from our group camera, showing yo th for that camera. we'll be right back. save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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welcome back to kron4 morning news, it is a chilly start to the day much colder than where we were yesterday at this time a shot of the james lick in downtown san francisco it is clear, dry, cold rain that averages about 52 for san francisco check of santa rosa 40 degrees. napa still on the thirties this morning, 43
5:48 am
livermore, 45 in los gatos, 10:00 we're still to be into the fifties not really until about noon time that the notice all of the screen that put this in the '60s it looks like we're going to talk about in the '50s, '60s and the afternoon back down into the '40's by the the clock tower. afternoon highs 59 for santa rosa. 61 degrees in places like fairfield, concord. for the most part topping into the upper 50s. for san jose, livermore. and we have a chance of showers back into the picture to mob not quite as strong as we saw yesterday bring some light showers to the area picking up a few raindrops into the north bay becoming a bit more widespread by the 10:00 hour early into the morning wednesday left over rain drops spending the rest of the day and drying out. here
5:49 am
is a look at your 7 day around the bay. by the end of the week we start to notice some changes dry up, warmup continue with a warming trend as we go into the weekend. a checked with arafat. >> tracking a couple of hot starts looking first at the one that just popped up the right to pleasanton 580 we have a multi vehicle accident involving a big rig blocking to the lanes, because it involves a big rig it may take some time to clear. speeds dipping down to about 8 mi. per hour in the slow response definitely look out for that more information in my next report update and another hot spot southbound 1012 left lanes are still blocked, that accident is still out there are emergency crews are sore on the scene but the back that has disappeared. bridges, and no problems, a live look
5:50 am
at the bay bridge, traffic still moving well. metering lights still cycle off. no proms rewrite to san mateo beginning to build demo directions' especially with those taillights headed westbound into foster city small weight at the toll plaza bumping up the drive * just a little bit. looking lastly at the golden gate, nice, bright conditions for your ride all is quiet on the span no promise from marin county. james. > >> a soggy sunday in the bay area but that ought not keep people away or spirits down frist is veterans day parade the march 1st on even as the result came down. people were out there cropping and sharing. that story weather brought snow to the sierra, we have some video showing new snow on the roads and in the trees
5:51 am
kind of lawyer the play is just in time for ski season and some of the resorts say there will be open at the end of this month. here's something other nerve you for about this but keats alderman will be back at work hosting the show on tuesday he was suspended for violating rules against making political donations he admitted to donating $2,400 to three democratic candidates nbc's chief says that today's suspension is considered are prepared punishment there is no danger this morning after to prop 5 had to be shut down last night within minutes of each other a radioactive water leak was detected at the new keep or plant in vermont less than an hour a transfer exploded at the indian point nuclear or friend just north of new
5:52 am
york city causing that plant to shut down as well both facilities are owned by the same company. thousands of pounds of toxic material being dumped into a san francisco neighbor and knowing you did it could make use the money. >> are you interested in making a thousand dollars? well here's your chance take a close look at this video from several sister department of public works, you are looking at close to 15 t of toxic roofing materials that was illegally dumped. so if you happen to see you don't this the department of public works will give you 1000 big ones. the bay view has been dumped on for years as one resident told me the division continues. i took a tour around hundred. area looking for more illegal dumping and there is a lot. all kinds of debris was scattered about on quince
5:53 am
tree. over on newcomb more of the same and a lot of the stuff i found it of looks like contractors may be the culprits. piles of cement and insulation have been dumped here so the items drawn cart containing roofing materials. so when trains these toxic materials and that in the bay. not cool. that said if you or someone you know can help the city find to dump these materials here's a couple of photos i hope will george your memory and the fed does i've placed a link on c. devine there had a claim the money. >> if you are comment or story idea for stanley said the minimill people behaving badly at and on that note we're going to take a break, here is a live look for are some of the camera showing it clear
5:54 am
conditions in the south bay it will get up to maybe 60 this afternoon most of the day in the '50s we'll be right back.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
and did you hear one of the chilean miners was in new york to join the marathon is his first trip of the country he was known as the runner by his furlough minors because used to jog several miles each and every day while their truck below. one of the reasons he said he wanted to run the voices he wanted to motivate children and teens to run because when you run your free. some of the most recognizable board games are 75 years old monopoly sold hundred 11 countries printed in 43 languages that produce up to too many games each
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and every year. it continues to evolve. in a highly always come out with a new version every university has one. last year house for to get one step further to create an on-line version of the game. a million and a half fires take part. there's a iphone application for the game too. we will take a break, more headlines than a minute. more top stories as well years and live look for mount tam san francisco in the background.
5:59 am
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